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China has allowed several countries like Pakistan to resume direct international flights to Beijing. Chinese officials say the new rules apply Thursday to Pakistan, Thailand, Cambodia, Greece, Denmark, Austria, Sweden and Canada. They say the number of imported cases in those countries is low. Passengers from those countries would have to keep 14 days in quarantine

And they will have two tests of Code 19. China's Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC) said in a statement that international flights to Beijing will gradually resume from September 3, but did not say. He said that as the prevention of epidemic diseases is improving, the series of closures is also coming to an end. He clarified that if more than 3 passengers arrive after the arrival of corona virus. When the cases came to light, all previous restrictions were re-imposed. It should be noted that from the end of March, international flights to Beijing were diverted to other Chinese cities where passengers were allowed to travel to Beijing for the corona virus. Screening is done. After that, they will be sent to quarantine facilities. CAAC said that so far about 511 international flights have been allowed to land at airports other than Beijing. Life in China is very long. While temperature tests are carried out when entering buildings and in some places before people are admitted. Scan QR code from one app.

Authorities in New Zealand have announced that the country has once again recorded a death from the corona virus after more than three months. A statement from the Ministry of Health said: The deceased is 50 years old. The Corona-infected man was being treated at Auckland's Medellmore Hospital in August, bringing the total number of deaths in New Zealand from the epidemic to 23.

Is. It may be recalled that the last death was recorded on May 24. A total of 152 confirmed cases of corona virus have been reported in Auckland so far. It should be noted that the lockdown due to corona virus was implemented in Auckland last Sunday evening. Was terminated.

Khartoum: A three-month state of emergency has been declared in Sudan after rains and floods killed 99 people.

Thunderstorms and floods killed 99 people and injured 45 while destroying 100,000 homes, photo: file

According to the International News Agency, Sudan's Security and Defense Council has declared a three-month state of emergency across the country in view of the devastation caused by the rains and floods.

Recent rains and floods in Sudan have killed nearly 100 people and destroyed more than 100,000 homes across the country, forcing more than 500,000 people to flee their homes and businesses and seek refuge in camps.

Emergency is already in place in hospitals, local administrations and other urban areas, while troops have been called in to help. Helicopters were also used to evacuate people trapped in the floodwaters.

It should be noted that the recent monsoon rains in Sudan have broken the records of 1946 and 1988, after which the country was declared a "Nature Disaster Zone".

Tehran: An explosion occurred while transporting cylinders filled with chlorine gas by truck in Iran, as a result of which 217 people were injured.

According to the International News Agency, cylinders of chlorine gas were being transported by truck in western Iran when a powerful explosion occurred, as a result of which 217 people were injured. The injured have been shifted to the hospital where the condition of 13 people is said to be critical.

The blast caused chaos and injured several people in the stampede. Firefighters have contained the blaze. The injured were shifted to a nearby hospital where immediate medical aid was provided.

Tehran police say the blast was caused by negligence on the part of the driver, who was carelessly carrying cylinders filled with chlorine and for which no safety measures were taken. The driver has been taken into custody.

Iran's Interior Ministry has denied involvement in the chlorine blast, saying the incident was caused by the driver's negligence and carelessness.

DHAKA: A powerful blast rocked the Jama Masjid in Bangladesh's capital, killing 12 worshipers and injuring 25 others.

According to the International News Agency, a powerful explosion and fire broke out in a mosque in Narainganj, Bangladesh. The blast was so severe that not only the mosque building was damaged but also the surrounding buildings shook.

Thirty-eight worshipers were seriously injured in the blast and 12 were pronounced dead at the hospital, while 25 others were injured, four of whom are in critical condition. Most of the injured were badly burned.

Regarding the nature of the blast, the police said that the preliminary investigation revealed that gas was leaking from the underground pipeline of the mosque and the explosion was due to the same leakage while eyewitnesses said that as soon as the lights of the mosque The closed air conditioner exploded.

The provincial government has formed an inquiry committee to investigate the mosque blast and has ordered the mosque to be rebuilt.


Authorities in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the global coronavirus outbreak began, have announced that all schools will reopen next Tuesday. According to officials, 1.4 million children are studying in the city's 2,842 schools. Authorities have instructed children to wear masks on their way to and from school and to avoid traveling on public transport as much as possible. Let it be and refer to children's health

Submit reports from on a daily basis. Authorities further directed that the supply of essential medicines and medical equipment be ensured in schools and that children be made aware of the Corona virus epidemic. Authorities have also called for online classes in the event of a possible new outbreak of the corona virus.


The Governor-General of Australia recently awarded Ahmed Mohammed, a student on a scholarship to Al-Qassim University in Saudi Arabia, for his bravery in helping save the life of an Australian citizen. Mohammed is the first non-Australian citizen to receive the award. According to Arab TV, the story began when Mohammed went for a walk along the Duckland River with his friends one evening. He heard someone calling for help. When he got close to the sound source, he

He saw a 50-year-old man diving in the middle of the river and calling for help. Despite the presence of sharks in the river, he jumped into the water and approached the drowning man and saved him safely. The Saudi student said that what he did was to represent the morals and principles of Saudi society. Is. I am proud to have been awarded the Australian Medal of Courage by the Governor General of the State of Australia. Has been given an extraordinary welcome by and has appreciated the courage and bravery of Al-Muhammad.

 The soon-to-be-published book on the strained relationship between US first lady Melania Trump and first daughter Ivanka Trump has taken the world by surprise. According to media reports, "Melania and Me" The Rise and Fall of My The book, written by Steffi Vinson Volkov, Melania Trump's first secretary, journalist and author, was published on September 1 in the United States and around the world. To be offered for sale

Even before the book hit the market, Olivia Nozi wrote an article in New York Magazine based on excerpts from the book. According to the article, in Stephanie Winston Volkov's book, although the White House political, military And other conspiracy theories are also discussed, but the most important part of the book is the news of the relationship between Melania and Ivanka. The book claims that Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kishner are trying to somehow. Take control of the White House office run by Melania Trump. The book claims that Melania Trump has been trying since 2016 to somehow keep Ivanka Trump away from meetings with her father. She doesn't want to be photographed with her daughter's father. Stephanie Vincenton Volkov reveals in the book that during Donald Trump's swearing-in ceremony, Melania tried to somehow photograph Ivanka Trump with her father. The book claims that Melania Trump has also tried to keep Ivanka out of politics. According to the article, the book states that Melania Trump calls her first daughter Ivanka Trump and those close to her a snake. The book also claims that during Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, Melania Trump Ivanka Trump was also behind the media coverage of the speech theft. Similarly, the book claims that despite being an employee of the White House, Ivanka Trump did a lot of government work through her personal e-mail. Her father had also criticized Hillary Clinton for carrying out her official duties in a personal e-mail during her election campaign.

 The United Arab Emirates has complained to the UN Security Council against Turkey's intervention in the region, accusing Ankara of spreading chaos in Arab countries. The South threatens to use immigrants to achieve goals and objectives. Ankara pursues an aggressive foreign policy. The UAE wrote in a letter to the Security Council that Turkey has become a transit route for ISIS fighters in Afghanistan and Central Asia.

Is. The Security Council requested that in addition to the International Atomic Energy Agency's ongoing inspections in Syria, that it monitor Syria's compliance with "the steps required by the IAEA Board". Turkey's intervention in Libya is not hidden from anyone. In this context, the United Arab Emirates has accused Turkey of trying to divert attention from its dangerous behavior.

Louisiana: Hurricane "Lara" has wreaked havoc in the United States, killing six people, injuring several and leaving thousands homeless. 

According to the International News Agency, Hurricane "Lara" hit the coastal area of ​​the US state of Louisiana. The winds blowing at a speed of 220 km per hour destroyed everything that came in its way.

The storm knocked down several trees, hoardings and poles, and a large and heavy tree fell on a car, killing four people, including a 14-year-old girl, while two bodies were recovered from various other places. More than two dozen injured have been rushed to hospitals and thousands have been displaced.

After Louisiana, Hurricane Lara is now headed toward the state of Arkansas, but with its low intensity, the risk of damage there is low, while the risk of hurricane Lara in Louisiana remains high.


A wildfire in the US state of California has killed at least six people and left two missing. According to US media, lightning struck 24 places and destroyed 175 houses and left 140,000 people homeless. In 3 days, 560,000 acres were reduced to ashes. 12,000 firefighters are engaged in putting out the fire with the help of helicopters and air tankers. Fire victims have formed their own fire brigade in California and began to put out the fire themselves. However, government officials

Has warned that self-extinguishing the fire could endanger the lives of the citizens. According to reports, 11,000 lightning strikes in the forests caused the fire. It could be the worst arson in state history.

 In South Sudan, a cargo plane with 18 people on board hesitantly crashed to the ground and a terrible fire broke out in the plane.

According to the international news agency, the cargo national plane flying from the capital of South Sudan to the southern state of the Ghazal Sea was cut off from the control tower shortly after.

The plane crashed in a plain a short distance from the airport, setting the plane on fire and burning it to ashes. The plane transported 16 passengers and two crew members.
According to eyewitnesses, one of the injured person has been shifted to a nearby hospital in critical condition while 17 bodies have been recovered from the wreckage of the plane. However, the government has not yet confirmed or denied any casualties in the crash.